2020-21 Online Youth Averages

Bowler NameCTF ID NumberGenderLeague NamePinsGamesAverages
Bartlett, Matthew J.15006-3440BoySunday Jr Bowlers23533078
Belanger, Liam R.15006-3852BoySunday Jr Bowlers4611530
Chin, Jordan15006-3685BoyBBowl Youth League17431896
Folk, Jacob M.15006-3853BoySunday Jr Bowlers15962176
Garinger, Ayden15006-3854BoySunday Jr Bowlers17162471
Harper, Johnathan R.15006-2814BoyBBowl Youth League441927163
Herbert, Oliver J.15006-3575BoyBBowl Youth League300027111
LaRoche, Noah R.15006-3688BoyBBowl Youth League192715128
LaRoche, Noah R.15006-3688BoySunday Jr Bowlers229818127
Leitch, Mackenzie15006-915GirlSunday Jr Bowlers365627135
Livingstone, Nathan Ryan15006-3822BoyBBowl Youth League15371980
Mahan, Nicholas15006-3858BoyBBowl Youth League6646110
Mancuso, Ben15006-3576BoyBBowl Youth League348327129
McCall, Dexter15006-3717BoySunday Jr Bowlers460676
Morrison, Katie B.15006-1551GirlBBowl Youth League318718177
Morrison, Katie B.15006-1551GirlH & D Sun Nite Mixed522530174
Sabourin, Quinn F.15006-3358BoySunday Jr Bowlers362230120
Steeves, Wesley15006-3855BoySunday Jr Bowlers21132488
Taylor, Naomi A.15006-3856GirlSunday Jr Bowlers4433014
Watson, Jacob15006-3857BoySunday Jr Bowlers217372

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